Use the Pre-Installer tool to determine whether the machine where you install the Macrosys Products, meets the minimum system requirements. This tool verifies the available memory and disk space and environment variable settings. It also determines the database system settings to verify whether the database is configured correctly for the application.

Pre-installer provides framework of Macrosys Products It is necessary to install before installation of any Macrosys Product.
Combined in Pre-installer: Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework, Report viewer, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems:
Supported Architectures:
Hardware Requirements:

Minimum disk space:
Utility :

Windows XP or later.
x86,  x64.
Recommended Minimum: Pentium i3 or higher with 4GB RAM or more.
x86 – 2 GB,  x64 – 4 GB.
Windows Installer 3.1(SP3) or later.

Remote Desktop Sharing.
Macrosys SQL Installer
Management Studio.

Note: All the names of the above are took from Microsoft/Other Products.

Macrosys Maccy

Installation Requirements:

Maccy Studio and Maccy Server requires pre-installer pack before installation.


Kindly take backup of your data before installation of Maccy Studio Or Server.

You can also Copy your data folder to another place.

Macrosys Cargo

Installation Requirements:

Macrosys Cargo requires pre-installer pack before installation.
Macrosys Pathshala Studio

Installation Requirements:

Macrosys Pathshala Studio requires pre-installer pack before installation.