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The big difference between Maccy and other accounting software is that all of the features in Maccy are there as a direct result of requests from our customers. We started in 2011 with a very, very basic product and decided to only add features that are actually requested by small business owners as opposed to things we thought might be a good idea. So we now have a product filled with lots of useful features and none of the confusing and useless menu options and features you see in other products. It would be difficult to try to list all of the features in our accounting software as there are so many useful bits and pieces, but hopefully these points will help you see some of what’s available.

Software that calculate your business…

For Business :-

  • General Shops and Stores
  • Pesticides/Fertilizers/Seed Dealers
  • Chemists
  • Cotton Mills/Cotton Factories
  • Flours Mills/Rice Mills/Sheller/ Sol-vex Plants
  • Commodity Brokers/Commission Agents
  • Cattle Feeds Manufactures
  • Kiryana Store/Department Store
  • And many more

Perfect Cargo
This enterprise transportation software integrates all the functions and services for the end-to-end transportation process. It's scalable from regional brokers and 3PLs to national carriers, fleets ranging from 50 to 15,000. It offers trucking software tools to manage the unique and specific needs of your business, whether you deal with bulk materials, flat-bed loads, van, refrigerated, specialized and dedicated or private fleets. It's the enabling technology that puts you in control of the information you need to make your plans, set them in motion, monitor results and make corrections when necessary. In other words, Macrosys Perfect Cargo can help you become best-in-class.

Perfect Pathshala
Macrosys Perfect Pathshala is one of the most Reliable, Affordable & User-friendly school management software, school administration software, college administration software and institute management system. It is the one integrated system you will ever need to manage and take care of your whole institute.