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  • MacrosysGSTR1CompuTax.xlsx

    MacrosysGSTR1CompuTax.xlsx [To create a club file for third party tools ]

  • MacrosysGSTR_4_Utility_v2.3.xls


  • MacrosysGSTR1.xlsx

    MacrosysGSTR1.xlsx [To create a club file for gst portal]

  • GSTR1 Excel Workbook Template V1.8

  • Perfect Setup V 4.0

  • Report Viewer

  • Macrosys GSTR2 Comput-Tax


  • SQL-Installer Service Pack 4

    SQL-Installer Service Pack 4 Report Installer

  • Windows Installer


  • Management Studio

    Management Studio 2005

  • Remote Desktop sharing Ammyy Admin 3.5

    Remote Desktop sharing Ammyy Admin 3

  • Maccy

    New Compatibility

    This version has been added the following features:

      Some Reports Updated to Print
    • Series Inactivation option

  • Maccy 1.0

    Software that calculate your business…

    The big difference between Maccy and other accounting software is that all of the features in Maccy are there as a direct result of requests from our customers. We started in 2011 with a very, very basic product and decided to only add features that are actually requested by small business owners as opposed to things we thought might be a good idea. So we now have a product filled with lots of useful features and none of the confusing and useless menu options and features you see in other products. It would be difficult to try to list all of the features in our accounting software as there are so many useful bits and pieces, but hopefully these points will help you see some of what’s available.For Business :-

    • General Shops and Stores
    • Pesticides/Fertilizers/Seed Dealers
    • Chemists
    • Cotton Mills/Cotton Factories
    • Flours Mills/Rice Mills/Sheller/ Sol-vex Plants
    • Commodity Brokers/Commission Agents
    • Cattle Feeds Manufactures
    • Kiryana Store/Department Store
    • And many more

  • Pre-Installer Service Pack 4

    Use the Pre-Installer tool to determine whether the machine where you install the Macrosys Products, meets the minimum system requirements. This tool verifies the available memory and disk space and environment variable settings. It also determines the database system settings to verify whether the database is configured correctly for the application. Pre-installer provides framework of Macrosys Products It is necessary to install before installation of any Macrosys Product. Combined in Pre-installer: Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework, Report viewer, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

  • How To Install Macrosys Maccy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later. x86, x64.
    System Requirements:
    : date format dd/MM/yyyy
    :language english
    :RAM 4GB /i3 6th gen(Min)
    1. if we have windows xp or earlier version then.
    A. install windows installer 3.5. then restart system.
    B. after rebooting install Macrosys Pre Installer Service Pack 4.
    C. then install macrosys maccy
    if we have windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) then
    a. Install the Macrosys Preinstaller Service Pack 4.
    B. Install Macrosys Maccy.
    if we have windows 8 or 10 then
    go to control panel under program and features option...
    online install dotnet 3.5 under windows components on/off.
    then : a. Install the Macrosis Preinstaller Service Pack 4.
    B. Install Macrosys Maccy.

  • System Requirements:

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later. x86, x64.
    Supported Architectures: x86 – 2 GB, x64 – 4 GB.
    Hardware Requirements:
    Processor (Min): Pentium i3(6 Gen) or higher
    RAM (Min): 4GB RAM or more.
    HDD: as you required, with 4 GB Free space
    Software Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1(SP3) or later Microsoft .Net framwork 3.5 Prerequisites: Macrosys SQL Installer
    Microsoft Report viewer Prerequisites: Macrosys SQL Installer
    Utility : Ammyy Admin

    Note: All the names of the above are took from Microsoft/Other Products.